LeverUP Unveils Strategic Shift to Become a Solution Agnostic Consulting Practice in CXM


In a Bold Move, LeverUP Expands Its Footprint and Service Offerings in Customer Experience Management


LeverUP, a boutique Salesforce partner with strong expertise in the customer experience management (CXM) sector, announces a significant shift in its strategic focus, transitioning from being a dedicated Salesforce partner to a comprehensive provider of various technological services, including different top technologies. This transformative move aims to enhance the company’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their clients in the rapidly evolving CXM world.

Adaptable, Solution-Agnostic Approach


The expanded service offerings will enable LeverUP to cater to a broader spectrum of technological requirements, providing clients with a comprehensive and tailored approach to their unique challenges and opportunities.

“I have always had the idea of broader expertise in mind since the very early days of LeverUP, and I am proud that we stayed aligned with our strategic goals. The market of customer engagement platforms has reached the level of significant maturity, and companies are heavily focusing on the ROI of the investment and strong alignment of the functionality with business needs. With the variety of choice of MarTech platforms, advisory skills of consulting partners such as LeverUP are coming into the spotlight”, shares Daria Nemchonok, the CEO of LeverUP. 

For a boutique consultancy with strong roots in Central and Eastern Europe and a recognized authority in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud area, this strategic evolution represents a natural progression in the company’s journey. LeverUP’s expertise in customer experience management, paired with its commitment to client success, will now extend beyond the confines of a single technology, fostering an adaptable, solution-agnostic approach.

LeverUP’s expanded focus will continue to uphold the company’s principles of scalability, innovation, and client-centricity. Clients can expect even more tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and transformative outcomes as LeverUP continues to redefine its role in the broader CXM landscape.

“Our goal is to be a trusted partner from the early days of the journey, starting from mapping the requirements and analysis of the current architecture to assisting with platform choice and delivering the implementation. Switching to this approach required a significant shift of a mindset and commitment to a new learning curve from all LeverUP team members, and I would like to thank the whole team for being all hands on deck during this bold move”, Daria says.



With this strategic shift, LeverUP is set to embark on a new adventure, delivering enhanced value and innovation to its clients with a solution-agnostic approach, while living up to its client-centric mission. The LeverUP team invites their clients, partners, and the broader CXM community to join them on this exciting journey.

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